GAEA未来教育公链 海外媒体接连疯狂报道 :幸运系统完美对接

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We believe in the power of change-GAEA


I. What is GAEA?
GAEA Chain (Global Area for Education Alliance Chain, hereinafter referred to as GAEA) is a value autonomy system of educational free people driven by "Global Educational Resources IP Relationship Service" and based on equity Token incentive mechanism. It focuses on the three cores of education, science and technology, and service, and provides each education community and its members with knowledge and wealth opportunities with the technologies and big data at the bottom of the block chain, thus truly changing the fate of knowledge. Through global cooperation to create and construct this platform, people from all over the world will be brought together in educational practice to jointly deal with world problems.
GAEA is the main chain token and the most valuable digital asset in the GAEA ecosystem. It will create a new history that defines digital cash.


II. GAEA Background
The future education public block chain jointly launched by Europe's top technical teams and listed companies in Germany, France, Italy and other countries.
The multi-country and multi-department authoritative block chain research center has given guidance to jointly build an autonomous system of educational free man value driven by "global educational resources IP relationship service" and based on equity-based Token incentive mechanism.
It is used to subvert the original educational drawbacks, improve the new educational structure and create a new global future educational system.
It is also the only block chain project in the industry that really goes online and falls to the ground.


III. Profile of GAEA Support Companies and Some Companies
GAEA Future Education Platform  All education companies are fully licensed and compliant, strong technology is matched with a strong education lineup. It will be applied on line and will be used on the ground. The Euro stable token will be used for global credit cards. GAEA is here to write the future!


Brief Introduction of Some Companies
1 France Demos Education and Training Group, founded in 1972, is the second largest vocational education group in Europe. In 2007, DEMOS was listed in Paris, becoming the first listed training company on the European continent. He has been deeply engaged in the field of vocational education for 48 years, focusing on 21 industries such as finance, manufacturing, medical and Internet, with more than 3,000 core courses and serving more than 320 enterprises in the world's top 500. His business covers 6 countries in the world, with more than 8,000 teachers, more than 350,000 trainees each year and a total of more than 2 million online users.
2 Hemsley Fraser, UK, specializes in the UK and US markets and ranks among the top 20 training institutions in the world for six consecutive years.
3 Swiss MOS Company, ranked among the top 20 global editing tool companies and the top 20 global learning portal websites, is recognized as one of the three most innovative companies in Switzerland.
4 SimulTrain developed by Switzerland STS Company is a game-based online project management sand table simulation actual combat solution, which provides learners with a realistic and fast-paced environment to improve teamwork and leadership while reaping core competitiveness. STS is a leader in the field of applied project management training.
5 BBS, Brest Business School. France Brest Business School can issue bachelor's and master's diplomas recognized by the French State and recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It has high-quality disciplines such as marine scientific research, international trade and cultural industry management.
6 Germany Hemsley Fraser, focuses on the German market, providing customers with online consulting digital and virtual solutions, and providing a novel training mode combining virtual and digital. Provide professional advice to find a personalized and quickly implemented solution for the company and employees.
7 Demos Polska, focusing on the Polish market, provides training on sales, negotiation, team management, change implementation, project management and a complete training package for production line managers of production companies.

IV. Comparison of GAEA Industry Advantages


V. GAEA Core Advantages
8 Core Advantages
1. Complete de-centralization
Built by Europe's top block chain technology team, it is completely decentralized and has multi-national patented technologies to protect sustainable ecology.
2. Four-token value model
The continuous circulation of GAT, EAT, GAEA and other currencies has promoted the stable rise of token prices. The public chain token, integral token, mineral token and stable token are diversified and integrated to meet the investment needs of all categories of investors. The large throughput measures the entry and exit, and the long-term model of sanctification and derivation structure is stable.
3. Million TPS
The industry's first bottom-level public chain with a real capacity of up to one million TPS, with a transaction speed of 3000 + transactions per second, lightning payment and second-level receipt, is conducive to the landing of ecological DAPP.
4. Institutional chain-up
All rules and systems are linked up, automatically executed on the intelligent contract chain, and can be queried by the block browser.
5. On-line landing
The only on-line landing project in the industry is supported by multi-country compliance licenses, listed education companies and research institutes.
6. Sustainability
The main network will never go down, and the 100-year-old project will continue to operate.
7. Original GAEA BaaS
Let developers freely and quickly establish a development environment, reduce testing costs and rapidly expand the ecosystem.
8. Patented Storage technology
Really realize decentralized and tamper-proof data storage, and support efficient read and write operations at the same time, with a maximum support of 16M for a single piece of data.
VI. GAEA Page Presentation






GAEA由欧洲顶级技术团队与德法意等多国上市公司共同推出的 未来教育公链

由多国多部门权威区块链研究中心给与指导意见,共同打造以“全球教育资源IP关系 服务”为驱动、基于股权型Token激励机制的教育自由人价值自治体系。